Our thoughts and hearts go out to southern Laos. Laos is a neighbor, friend and family. Ping Ping and myself are deeply saddened about the current situation. A dam collapsed in the province of Attapeu that has left hundreds missing, close to 7,000 homeless, and others dead. The flooding from the dam collapse has left the villages there and in northern Cambodia a disaster area. We pray the missing are found and the sick treated back to health soon. Thank you to all the countries that have sent help to Laos. Please pray with us.


Welcome to My Thai Blog! My name’s Andrew, an American man married to a Thai woman. Dating/marrying, my time in Thailand, Buddhism, food, culture, and more topics are here for your reading. There will be some useful subjects and some fun stuff also. If you love Thailand and its culture as I do, stick around and check out the site.


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