6 Reasons Your Relationship with a Thai Woman Failed

There may be a few different reasons your relationship with a Thai woman failed. Statistics say that American-Thai relationships are doomed for failure. Truth is that most of these reasons are just common sense. You probably had no right even trying in the first place. Truth hurts. For men like me in a serious relationship with a Thai woman, we have to hear about these so called horror stories and lay the record straight. For the more honest Thai woman seeker, perhaps you just made a few missteps. Maybe this list will help in your next attempt.


  1. Age Difference

You are 60 years old and she’s 18. What did you expect? She never loved you in the first place. She loved your money and it was obvious to everyone but you. Sadly, rich old men come to Thailand and think they can buy a young Thai woman and her love. Wrong. Not only did the relationship fail, but you’re a sick pervert also. Rant over.


  1. Bar Girl

You traveled to Thailand, went to a bar, then bought sex, and fell in love. You thought you could save her and show her a better life. Look, it has happened, but it’s the exception. Next time, go about meeting a Thai woman in different fashion. Don’t make the mistake of judging all other Thai woman by the type you met in the bar either. It’s not fair to the majority of Thai women who live honest and humble lives.


  1. Language

You don’t speak Thai. For that matter you don’t know that there’s a difference between Central Thai and Thai Isaan. Chances are your Thai friend was Thai Isaan because they’re more likely to date foreign men. There are reasons for this but I won’t go into details in this post. If you never took the time to learn more than a few Thai phrases and expected her to speak English only, then the relationship was doomed from the start.


  1. Culture

This is one of the reasons which not only end Thai-American relationships but those between other cultures as well. Your Thai friend will be very proud of her culture. Did you try to learn anything about Thailand at all? Did you know which region of Thailand your friend was from? Do you know any of the holidays in Thailand? Face it, if you don’t learn about the culture then it’s just not going to work out in the long run.


  1. Religion

Just being from two different religions doesn’t necessarily doom a relationship, but how tolerant were you? Your Thai friend is Buddhist. More than 90% of the Thai population is Buddhist. It’s practically guaranteed she’s Buddhist. Did you take the time to learn about Buddha and his teachings? Did you ever visit a temple and pray? These things will be important to her. I’m not saying you have to convert, but at least learn a few things and be respectful.


  1. Nothing in Common

Relationships fail all the time. Maybe it didn’t work out for one of the reasons on the list, or maybe you just had nothing in common with your Thai friend. This is not exclusive to only Thai-American relationships. This dooms couples everyday. Different tastes in movies/music, interests that don’t match, or even not liking the same foods. Sometimes a Thai-American relationship also fails for the same reasons other relationships fail.


In conclusion, don’t come to Thailand looking for a bar girl half your age that you can’t even speak to. Do not expect an honest attempt at a relationship to work either if you know nothing about Thailand, the culture, or Buddhism. There is good news though! If you honestly want a relationship with a Thai woman it is possible. A Thai-American relationship can be sincere on both sides. In fact, it can be the best relationship you’ve ever had. Trust me!


6 reasons your relationship with a Thai woman failed

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