8 Popular Flowers in Thailand

Thailand’s climate is tropical which makes it a wonderful location for flowers. In fact, trying to do a list of flowers in Thailand is difficult due to the sheer number of them present. Therefore in this post, we attempt to list some of the bigger names. Flowers popular for their significance in Thai culture and religion. The following are 8 popular flowers in Thailand.


Golden shower tree


  1. Golden Shower Tree

The golden shower tree, or ratchaphruek in Thailand, is known for its elegant yellow flowers. The tree itself is the national tree of Thailand while the flowers it produces are the national flower. The yellow color also represents both Thai royalty and Buddhism. The flowers can be seen from March to May. Therefore, the tree is also popular at Songkran Festival held in April.


Lotus flower and Buddha statue

  1. Lotus

The lotus is famously known for its connection to Buddhism. The flower is sacred to a Thai Buddhist. It is common to use lotus for offerings at temples. The flower may be white, pink, and purple in color. It is an aquatic flower. Lotus is distinguishable from water lily by the way lotus flowers rise above the water. Water lily, on the other hand, lays at the surface of water. This flower is also a symbol of feminine beauty.


Thailand has over 1000 types of orchids

  1. Orchid

With over 1000 different species in Thailand, orchids are a top flower in the country. So much so that Thailand is the world’s top exporter of orchids. The flower is not only popular, it is business. The Land of Smiles is also the Land of Orchids.


Frangipani in Thailand

  1. Frangipani

Frangipani, also known as plumeria, has a unique history in Thailand. It was once not allowed near the home at all. This is because the frangipani was once named lantom. Lantom is a word similar to sorrow or sadness. Thus, the name changed. Now it is common to see anywhere. One neat fact about frangipani is that the flower is more fragrant at night. This is due to the flower attempting to lure moths for pollination.


Red tower ginger

  1. Ginger

White and pink buds define ginger. These buds then produce yellow flowers. Several different types of ginger exist. These include beehive, shell, red, spiral, and torch. Ginger flowers are beautiful, and some of my personal favorites in Thailand. Edible gingers are maybe best known for their use in cuisines all across Asia.



Jasmine flower

  1. Jasmine

Jasmine is a white and yellow flower that is also very fragrant. It is an extremely popular gift to give a mother on Mother’s Day in Thailand. This is due to the wonderful smell and white being the color of purity. Mother’s Day is August 12 each year.


canna lily flower

  1. Canna Lily

Let’s now discuss Father’s Day as well. The canna flower is a popular gift for the father to receive. Colors can be several shades of yellow, orange, and red. Father’s Day in Thailand is December 5 every year. Perhaps part of their popularity is due to the fact that canna is easy to grow and low maintenance. It also enjoys full sun.


Heliconia in Queen Sirikit Park, Thailand

  1. Heliconia

Heliconia finds its way onto the last spot on our list. For one, it is extremely popular in Thai gardens. These flowers can be red, orange, and even pink. They are very tropical looking which make them a great addition for gardens. Heliconia will also stand out for their long, elongated shapes. The flower originally comes from the American tropics, although a few variations have been naturalized in Thailand


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