American Independence Day Celebration for a Thai Audience

American Independence Day is a popular celebration in the United States. Families gather to spend time together, eat barbecue, and watch fireworks. The day is also commonly called the Fourth of July. This holiday refers to when the United States of America declared independence from Great Britain in year 1776. Thus, the United States became its own nation.


At the time, the United States was a collection of 13 colonies under British rule. But why declare independence? The reasons were jotted down on a document called the Declaration of independence. Most of the reason dealt with what the American colonists viewed as neglect by King George III. Therefore, the colonists seeked to end this oppression.


Did you know? America was already at war with Great Britain when the Declaration of Independence was signed. This war, known as the Revolutionary War, started in the year 1775. The government of the colonists voted for independence on July 2, 1776. The colonists issued the declaration two days later. France allied with the U.S. and joined the war in 1778. The war then ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Great Britain had agreed to recognize the United States as a nation and end the war.


A typical celebration today consists of family enjoying time together. Many people like to barbecue food outdoors. Grilled hamburgers, chicken, and hot dogs are very popular. Sides may include potato salad, chips, and Coke. Parades take place in many cities. Department stores hold sales on items with the American flag on them. Finally,  a fireworks celebration ends the night. Dazzling displays of colors fill the sky along with the sound of loud booms.


As you can now understand, American Independence Day is an important celebration to the people of the United States. Perhaps you have seen photos on the internet of amazing fireworks. Now you can know why the United States holds a celebration, as well as learn some cultural traditions. The Fourth of July is a celebration of family, good food, entertainment, and most of all…freedom.


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