Mother’s Day Celebration in Thailand

Mother’s Day in Thailand takes place on August 12. Children honor their mothers on this day. The nation celebrates Queen Sirikit’s birthday as well. The Queen is seen as the Mother of Thailand. This national holiday is extremely special to Thai people.


I am so excited for my wife. Ping Ping is mother to two wonderful daughters. A huge smile runs across my face as I think of their special day. I am also so proud of our daughters. Chompool, our oldest, is an intelligent kid. She wrote a paper for Mother’s Day in school. Her writing earned her top honors. Meanwhile, Pancake is smart in her own right. Our younger daughter also wrote a paper which came in 3rd place in her class. These two girls are absolutely amazing.


The first Mother’s Day in Thailand was held on April 15th, 1950. The celebration was changed to August 12 in 1976 to coincide with Queen Sirikit’s birthday. Thai society highly regards Queen Sirikit for her generosity and her work with welfare. They view her as the Mother of all Thai people. The morning of August 12, an alms-giving ceremony will take place. Then, candle-lighting ceremonies will start across the nation. Fireworks displays will also be in order.


Gifts of jasmine flowers are traditional for Mother’s Day. Thai people craft the flowers into garlands. The white flower symbolizes purity and motherhood, as well as prosperity. The fragrance of jasmine is also such a sublime scent. For these reasons, this gift is a favorite of the children looking to honor and respect their mothers. No doubt about it, flower shop sales will be booming because of this national celebration.


I have also bought a gift for my wife. Ping Ping is sweet and loving yet also a strong working woman. She takes care of her family. I am so happy she has this special day. I am happy the children have this holiday as well. Our children are the best. I wish them a very happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy the gold bracelet as well my dearest love. To my wife, my children, and all my Thai friends…สุขสันต์วันแม่


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