My Favorite Snacks When Visiting Thailand

Street food in Thailand is absolutely delicious. The restaurants there are also great. But what about snacks? What are the coffee brands? Just how amazing are those 7-11 sandwiches? While I do stick to mainly street food in Thailand, there’s always the urge to have a quick snack. Some are Thai brands, but American brands are present in Thailand also. The neat thing about the American brands is that they consist of unique flavors not seen back home. Sometimes eaten as a side to a meal or sometimes eaten alone, these are my go-to snacks when visiting Thailand.


Birdy Espresso drink
Birdy Espresso drink


First, let’s talk about the coffee. Okay, so you may not consider it a snack but rather one of the essential food groups. For some of us, coffee is our life blood. The fuel for the day that we cannot live without. My favorite Thai brand is named Birdy. This coffee comes in cute, little cans that pack a punch. Birdy is the perfect way to start the morning. Buy Birdy and put inside the fridge at your hotel, apartment, or home-stay. Then you can get your fix immediately upon rising. I like the more bitter flavors of Espresso and Robusta. My wife, Ping Ping, enjoys the sweeter taste of the Latte.


Cafe Amazon also deserves a mention in the coffee category. Think of this brand as the Thai equivalent to Starbucks. The two companies have very similar drinks, as well as atmosphere inside the stores. However, I prefer Cafe Amazon over Starbucks due to the great look outside their stores. The theme is tropical with landscaping using some of the exotic flowers and trees of the country. Starbucks can be found in Thailand, but definitely give Cafe Amazon a try for a taste of Thai coffee.


Cafe Amazon coffee shop
Cafe Amazon coffee shop


On to the snack food. You’ll want to hit the chips aisle of 7-11 to find the familiar brand of Lays. Lays are also popular in Thailand, yet pronounced just ‘Lay’. The cool thing about Lays here are the unique flavors. My personal favorite is Seaweed. Ping loves BBQ, which is different than the American BBQ version. The Thailand flavors you’ll find are so craveable that you’ll be looking to buy some bags on Ebay. These chips can be found online, but if anyone knows where I can buy them in The United States, please let me know! Other flavors include names like Nam Prik Pao and Miang Kham, to name just a couple.


Moving on to the refrigerated section, we find those wonderful 7-11 brand sandwiches. Many a traveler have fallen in love with these. They are quite addicting. The favorite always seems to be the ham and cheese. There’s nothing that tastes better junk food wise than biting into one of these warm and cheesy sammies. You can find both toasties and croissants. Just take them to the clerk who will heat them up for you. I like the pork one also, but the ham and cheese is the king of all Thai snacks. They are absolutely divine. No lie here, just wait until you try one!


7-11 sandwich
7-11 sandwich


Next, I really enjoy the donuts that can be found at a market. Or, are they donuts? My wife calls them donuts, so that’s what I’ll stick with. Truth is that they look like bread buns you would eat with an American dinner. The difference here is that chocolate or vanilla is spread on the top and then coated with a sugar substance. Maybe they have another name, but I find the chocolate one great at breakfast with one of those Birdy coffees. The vanilla one…eh, not that great. Perhaps these ‘donuts’ aren’t even found at other markets. Bang Khen district is where I found these, at the market off Lat Plakao Road and Ram Intra Road. A lovely Thai women makes them there fresh daily.


Finally, let’s see what my wife is currently enjoying. She is actually Thai so she is more familiar with a lot of the snack brands. Right now she is on a Taro fish snack kick. These are like a chip, but come in long, skinny sticks. The BBQ flavor comes in an orange bag. Meanwhile, all of the flavors have the word TARO written vertically on the bag as well as a picture of a fish in the bottom corner. For something a bit more filling, she is really into the potstickers at 7-11. She always eats the ones with shrimp inside. Ping loves her shrimp, but they have other ones also.


Taro fish snack, Lays, and shrimp potstickers
Taro fish snack, Lays, and shrimp potstickers


Many more curious snacks exist in Thailand as well. This is in no way meant to be a complete list. These just happen to be some of our favorites. There’s still a lot more of these foods I need to try myself. A few of the other snacks you’ll see include crust-less sandwiches, many shrimp snacks, noodles, and different types of nuts. Don’t even worry if you can’t read the Thai script on the package, just give it a try. You can also find those recognizable American brands too, such as Oreo and Snickers. Happy snacking!



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  1. This is so interesting! I will totally try these if I’m ever in Thailand…Seaweed flavour chips (crisps to us UK lot 😂) sound so cool!

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