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Wat Pha Nam Thip Thep Prasit Wanaram is located in the province of Roi Et, Thailand. It is near the border with Mukdahan province. This is northeastern Thailand, or what is known as Isaan. This area of Thailand has deep historical and cultural ties with the country of Laos. The border of Thailand and Laos is also close to Wat Pha Nam Thip. This temple will always be very special to me as it is the location where my wife and I made merit on our wedding day. Our wedding was perfect, and this was the perfect temple for making merit and praying. Enjoy these photos taken at Wat Pha Nam Thip in the Roi Et province of Thailand! For a full review > Travel Roi Et – Wat Pha Nam Thip


Buddhas line wall upon entry of temple complex
Many Buddha statues line the wall upon first entering Wat Pha Nam Thip
Wat Pha Nam Thip, Roi Et, Thailand
Wat Pha Nam Thip, Roi Et, Thailand
Water fountain at thailand temple
Water fountain in the temple yard
Statue at entry of the temple
Statue at the entrance of the temple
Elephant statue inside temple
Elephant statue
Beautiful stairs lined in gold
Stairs leading up to more floors
Light reflects through window and is seen on the floor
Beautiful refection of this window cast down onto the floor
Colorful Thai artwork on temple wall
Colorful Thai artwork on the inside of the temple
Large chandelier hangs from ceiling
Very large, elaborate chandelier
woman prays inside the Thailand temple
Praying inside of the temple
Golden buddhas, one sits and one stands
Everything looks gold at Wat Pha Nam Thip
Very beautiful Thai artwork
Absolutely lovely Thai artwork
The view looking down from the temple
The view looking down from the temple
View looking down at the back of the temple
The back of the temple complex
Man and woman walk up stairs to next floor
The temple is huge with several floors
Top of the temple has view looking out at the surrounding countryside
The top of the temple is open for walking and viewing the surrounding countryside
Woman poses at the top of Wat Pha Nam Thip
Ping Ping at the top of Wat Pha Nam Thip
View with the sun and clouds in the background
View with the sun and clouds in the background
woman rests before returning downstairs from the temple
Notice the elaborate design of the temple
a married couple takes a selfie with temple behind them
Selfie time with the temple
a canal of water at the temple is filled with water lily
Canal of water filled with water lily and overlooked by a Buddha statue
woman prays and then pours water onto a small Buddha statue
Pouring water onto the Buddha image
Man walks, leaving the temple, which sits atop of a hill
Leaving the temple, which sits atop of a hill
Married couple looks at the view of the countrysi
Viewing the Isaan countryside before leaving Wat Pha Nam Thip
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